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che mi avete lasciato in questo schifoso ospedale. Vi ammazzo quando arrivo a casa! Rispondete, andiamo. So che mi state ascoltando, stronzi. Rispondete o no? Dobbiamo incontrare il discografico domani. Stavo pensando che forse è arrivato il momento, forse, ragazzi, dovreste pensare a disintossicarvi? Questo sarebbe un cambiamento importante per noi. Pensavo che stanotte è il momento giusto come un altro. Forse stare puliti per l’anno a venire. Un buon proposito. Ho sentito di questo programmi dove ci si può inserire. Che ne pensate? Pronto? Pronto? Merda. Bel modo di cominciare l’anno. Ezekiel Whitmore. Qui! Era ora ! * Land of the free and home of the enslaved * To the concept of time * Six hours, twenty-two minutes, three seconds * I’ve been standing in this county line * By the looks of the gridlock outside * it’s going to be about : * Everybody rushing from place to place * The looks on their face no different from mine * Both of us look like we’ve just worked a nine-to-five. * What are tehi rushing for is my interest * Rushing through trafficjam to get to emergency room trafficjam * that’s supposed to be a free clinic * to hear that you have or if you don’t have insurance * it ain’t nothing but the survival of the fittest * What are tehi rushing for? * Damn, this man at the window is slow * The concept of time has us all fucked * and on top of that life ain’t nothing but a trafficjam * Life is too short, I feel trapped Hoping I don’t get caught, watch my back * Lost in the traffic, heartless and tragic * Don’t want to get my ass kicked so I walk in a smiley state * Don’t make me feel this way I tell you, life is a trafficjam, I’m stuck * When will you realise you’re fucked? * Don’t try to change my ways, I’m hopeless, victims to the games we play. * Stay focused, watch for the crazy ride, don’t lie Hard to the day we die is my life * Tell me if you fear me, I tell you life is a trafficjam, sincerely * Stretch your mind, feed your soul Three voices you can’t control * Remember, life is a trafficjam Life is a trafficjam